Design for Architectural Projects of All Types

Weigel Designs is an architectural design and drafting service for construction projects of all types, most of all serving home owners. All five phases of architectural design are offered. Steve Weigel is the sole proprietor and for over 20 years has been dedicated to quality architectural design and drafting for customers like you. Especially relevant is Steve’s education in architecture and experience in local firms helping him to assist small business owners and others with non-residential projects. Most of all, emphasis is placed on giving the customer a good plan and a great design no matter what type project.

Steve looks forward to an initial conversation with you. Please allow him to assist you in crafting your specific plan going forward. Maybe your ideas far exceed your construction budget and consequently you must thinking long-range. Allow him to put together a master plan that helps you to dream big and in time accomplish everything you are hoping for.

Perhaps you are a board member of a small private school or church and you are considering an addition or simply want a new look or need a more effective arrangement of your existing spaces. Steve is glad to assist you in preliminary site planning and building design for promotion presentations bringing your vision into clear focus for others getting your long awaited project started with architectural renderings for fund raising and job signs once the project gets started.

Steve has the expertise to get the job done. He will treat your project like it is his very own. Some projects are too big but none too small whether it be new construction, an addition, a remodeling, a renovation, privacy fence, serpentine stone wall, deck, pergola, attached front porch or something totally unique, Steve is ready and able to help. Contact Weigel Designs today!

Weigel Designs
for all your planning needs. Steve will give you a good design and …
“Always a Good Plan”