Addition Plans

Additions obviously add space, but what kind of space? And how does the addition affect your existing space? Please do not leave these very important decisions in the hands of just anyone. Contractors build and Steve designs and designs very well. Many additions that you think are straight forward may in fact not give you the functionality or appearance you had hoped for. A strategically located addition in combination with some creativity in remodeling adds exponential value to your project. Perhaps more value than you even thought possible.

What are your reasons to add on? A screened porch, a four-season room, a bedroom addition are but a few reasons for an addition. Perhaps you have setback issues on your site and need some creative way to add more space. Consequently adding a second floor may be the best option, probably forcing you to face a structural issue or two. No problem, Steve can help size up your existing conditions and prepare the necessary documents for a qualified builder to get the job done.

We hope you put your confidence and trust in Steve’s design experience to assist in all your project decision especially when it comes to an addition. Let Weigel Designs create just the right fit for you.

Master Bedroom Suite Addition

This quaint little craftsman style home addition displays the old stone chimney in the bedroom chamber using a high vaulted ceiling. An arched window assembly high off the floor gives added privacy and allows for flexible furniture arrangements. Another vaulted ceiling adds volume to the gazebo style sitting area. Most of all, large windows flood the room into the existing interior living room through new french doors. The master bath is spacious with a high flat ceiling and large jetted tub while a unique walk-in-walk-thru shower provides passage to the old bedroom. The bedroom was converted into a large walk-in closet that is walk-thru as well. After dressing, a direct route to the smell of breakfast in the kitchen is a noteworthy feature!

The addition main roof line was tied into the existing finished attic room to accommodate an ever increasing collection of memories. The trellis feature doubles as a gutter and downspout. Especially relevant, the home and landscape layout eliminates gutters and the hassle of cleaning them. Heated floors and exterior heated ramps provide winter comfort even in bare feet!

Four Season Room Addition

First of all, an addition should solve issues of functionality and enhance lifestyles. Perched upon a hill, this four-season addition is the perfect fit to take advantage of the view. The placement of the addition enhanced the existing spaces by separating the exterior decks to allow more privacy off the master bedroom. It also provided a little sound separation between living areas, therefore creating opportunities for low-key conversation or noisy crowds at the same time.

This seems to be one of those straight forward additions. And even though a small project, there is a lot of thought and detail that went into these construction plans. The existing bay windows were somewhat of a structural and spacial challenge for the placement of the addition. Steve turned them into a plus using the kitchen window as a pass-thru.

Rely on Weigel Designs to provide the construction documentation necessary for a functional, durable and care free addition.

Trophy Room Addition & Bedroom Remodeling

Since designers design and builders build, here is yet another example why the smart choice is to design with Weigel Designs. The contractor’s idea was to extend the existing roof slope of this split-level home out over the addition. Consequently this would have drastically impacted the layout of this beautiful man cave. First of all, it would have eliminated the loft space and spacious staircase with storage under. Hence the approach would have severely limited functionality. Especially relevant, the wall height on the eave side would have been limited or the room dimensions shortened to achieve a high display wall.

Steve’s design focused primarily on maximizing wall space giving the customer an enviable two-story space to display his beautiful trophies. As a result, a comfortable loft was added for lounging and enjoying the displays from above. Most of all for clean roof lines, the exterior trophy room wall was extended. This approach expanded the small master and guest bedrooms and made the roof line easy to frame and keep construction costs both efficient and affordable. The added basement space under the bedrooms gave the occupants some much needed storage too!

In conclusion, don’t go anywhere else for smart solutions¬† other than Weigel Designs when adding on to your home.