Building Design & Drafting (everything non-residential)

Building Design comes natural to Steve with two degrees in architecture and experience in local architectural firms. Although not a licensed architect, he has experience with a diverse range of non-residential building types. Steve works with several architects and engineers not only locally but well beyond the Coulee Region.

Steve works with small business owners, community leaders, developers, private school/church board members and a host of others. So if you have a non-residential project needing attention, please contact Weigel Designs.

Here are a few examples of projects Steve has designed.

Exterior Renovation, Vestibule & Loading Area Additions – Wichelt Imports

Wichelt Imports, located on a well traveled highway, made a smart move to renovate the exterior along with a some interior remodeling improvements. New finishes were applied to the exterior highway facade. An entry vestibule added some protection from the chilling winter wind. The folks at the front entry desk where especially thankful for that amenity. A ground level loading area was added for cargo van deliveries making daily stair climbing a thing of the past.

Main Entrance Addition for ABB Inc.

Teaming up with two fine gentlemen, Weigel Designs created some much anticipated improvements to this old building. Not only did this facility get a well designed facelift to the main entrance, the employees needed a new entrance as well. Also included was a much needed conference room remodeling along with reception/waiting area. To top it off, a fancy lighted built-in display case was added to proudly show off product. All designed by Steve!

Architect John Loving and General Contractor David Goins provided vital assistance and information. Without visiting the job site in North Carolina, Steve received field information from the general contractor. This included all the necessary existing documents and field verified measurements along with photos. Therefore Steve was able to put together the design phase through the construction drawing phase with minor input from John. Dave took it from there with John’s supervision, seeing the construction through to a successful completion.


New Facility for Blaschke-Schneider Funeral Homes

The decision to build new is sometimes a process, especially when your business absolutely must stay in the same neighborhood. First, Weigel Designs compiled a comprehensive existing facility feasibility study for the old West Avenue location. The findings all pointed toward building new, but where? The need for a modern facility was a priority but no property available was suited for new construction. The decision to build new became obvious when a property just down the road became available. Steve put together several site plan options to maximize parking. Next, floor plans and exterior designs were finalized. Working with a local architect, Steve also provided the construction drawings for this fine facility that will serve the community for years to come!