Remodeling Plans

Whether acquiring a building in an older part of town or staying put in the old neighborhood you know improvements are inevitable. Consequently, at the very least a little remodeling is necessary. While you are getting that new fresh look you might as well improve some aspect of functionality too.

Remodeling typically involves modifying existing spaces. But unlike a renovation project, walls, doors and windows may be moved and rooms enlarged or downsized to add a better spacial feel or utility. Because walls and openings are relocated, structural modifications in many cases become necessary including new footer pads, columns and beams.

Remodeling, Renovation & Addition

For some of you it is about time you made major improvements to your little house. Besides a new look, functionality to those rooms that are just not working for you anymore is a worthy goal. Thanks to Weigel Designs, the owner of this small starter home accomplished just that!

This home features a remodeled kitchen and master bedroom both enlarged by adding on to the backyard side. Hence, allowing for a larger dining area and a new master bath. A narrow shed roof addition on the driveway side gained some storage. Also a workshop to there which freed up space in the garage. All the windows, doors and siding were replaced. Box windows added a nice look and storage. A modest 6’x12′ north side front porch addition added nice curb appeal and a cool spot to sit. Chatting with neighbors walking their dogs on a warm summer evening is now a regular routine.Due to bearing walls being removed, structural issues needed addressing. Steve handled the details with ease.

Get the ball rolling on your remodeling project. Invite him over to measure and draw up your existing house plan and property. This will definitely facilitate the necessary creative design process of remodeling.  Most importantly, it will help you see ways to improve your home … and neighborhood!

Gothic Barn Remodeling & Addition

Some remodeling projects are simple, this one is not. A beautiful old gothic arch barn in Crawford County, Wisconsin was in serious need of repair or demolition. Thankfully the owner of this glorious old barn is a fine gentleman. A gentleman who just happens to love restoring old things including barns! But he had a much grander idea to convert this beauty from a simple straight-line barn into a beautiful home. But he needed someone to put it all together for him. To make a long story short he met Steve and the journey of re-purposing began.

A multi-phased project, Steve took the original ideas to their proper conclusion. Besides the 6-car garage, a man cave occupies the walk-out level. Most noteworthy, is the twenty-five foot high ceiling in the main level great room with three bedrooms and separate baths. Arguably, the upper level with sitting areas overlooking the great room is the place to be with its three bedrooms and separate baths. Surprisingly above the upper level is a play loft tucked up against the old barn roof ridge with ships ladder access. And the conclusion was a necessary bullet-shaped silo addition with round utility room, round kitchen, round master bedroom, and round observation rooms on four separate levels!

The rest is soon to be history. Soon, because as you can see the final product is yet to come. Oh, and don’t forgot to take the elevator to get around quickly in this mult-level “barn” of  a house!