Renovation Plans

It is time to upgrade your finishes so you look like you’re living in the 21st century!

Perhaps it’s time to renovate since you are tired of looking at your 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s finishes. Renovation in essence is replacing existing old finishes with updated materials and/or systems that add value.  Furthermore, these materials would have qualities such as being low maintenance and/or more durable. In addition and as important, are systems such as plumbing/fixtures, electrical/lighting, mechanical/heating-air conditioning that lower utility bills. Finally, value can be found in other components such as communication/control systems or structural/beams-columns. The common theme of a renovation is to add quality to your living experience.

Allow Weigel Designs to assist you in the process of documenting your renovation. Rely on Steve for the design and drawings necessary to be distributed to all relevant contractors and suppliers. If you don’t have your existing blueprints, having a set of plans and elevations makes it easy to get prices from any number of contractors and suppliers. Contact Weigel Designs and get some help today!
Once you get going while thing are being torn up, you just might want to solve that cold floor problem by installing a heated floor or bring some natural light in with a new skylight or two!

Exterior Renovation, Front yard Canopy Addtion & Backyard Deck Addition

Located on a hillside overlooking a beautiful golf course, this exterior home renovation is thorough. Hence, all four sides of the exterior are now transformed. Furthermore, a front entry canopy addition created over the patio makes for a relaxed outdoor living space. A spacious deck overlooking the golf course replaces the narrow deck for more flexible furniture arrangements. The old siding and brick were replaced with modern and low-maintenance materials. Windows and doors are new throughout. Steve payed special attention to the existing four-season room when modifying the walk-out level support posts. Detailing the appropriate tie-down hardware to assure safety during extreme weather was of the utmost importance!

The owners of this fine home are now enjoying the comfort and convenience of another Weigel Designs project. You could say they score a hole-in-one!           home