Presentation Materials

Fund Raising

Presentation materials for fund raising efforts are a given in many projects. And to help potential donors catch the vision, allow Weigel Designs to create the necessary exterior and interior views of your project. These materials can be distributed in brochures or on a large eye-catching poster in your lobby or in convenient digital image file format to be posted on your website or social media or simply emailed to a host of people that just might be significant in the construction funding.

Attract Customers

What better way to attract customers than to have an attractive building to show off in a brochure or website. Perhaps you want the building or elements of it incorporated into letterhead. The flexibility of computer graphics are endless, therefore you can use components of your project in an infinite number of ways to attract customers.

Obtain Tenants

Furthermore, you may be thinking of developing that empty lot you’ve been sitting on waiting for the right moment to build. Steve would be glad to assist by putting together a location map, site plan, floor plan and exterior perspective. All attention grabbing drawings will definitely enhance the ability to get top quality tenants for your building before you spend a penny in construction costs.

Enhance the Design Process and Save Money during Construction

One very important reason for presentation is simply to enhance the design process. The 3D modeling process is a very valuable tool prior to final approval of the design development phase. It allows you to see your building in a realistic fashion before construction drawings. Therefore saving revision time and worse yet change orders during construction.

Presentation materials can have many different elements including site plans, elevations, sections, floor plans, details, perspectives and written descriptions. Weigel Designs will transform those two-dimensional preliminary drawings provided by your architect and turn them into something very attractive for potential donors to get excited about.

If you don’t have anything from an architect yet, no problem! Set up a meeting with Steve. He can assist you in putting together the necessary drawings for your presentation to help realize your specific vision. It’s just that easy!