Services That Serve You and Your Construction Project

Services That Actually Serve You and Your Construction Project

Let’s face it, design and drafting services are a vital communication tool. Consequently they are necessary for the successful completion of any building construction project. You have put a lot of thought into the initial planning of your project. Therefore it is time you found architectural services to communicate all that thought effectively. While you have plenty to think about yourself, you don’t need extra conversations. A good set of design drawings or a full set of construction drawings will drastically cut down on contractor phone conversations. While at the same time, the drawings will tell everyone just what to bid and how to build it.

Most of all, Weigel Designs is committed to quality design, drafting and involvement to meet your budget. To accomplish this, Steve has developed a few options within the normal 5 phases of a project. These option depend on the amount of involvement you can commit to. Contact Steve to discuss the details of your project and receive his design & drafting service options that meet your needs.


Phase 1- Schematic Design (SD)

Information gathering including budget, type, size and style of project along with preferred room sizes and functions referred to as the spacial program. Information such as site, zoning, building codes, roadway setbacks and other restrictions need be conveyed so that proper parameters for design can be established.

At this initial stage the most attention is given to a functional floor plan with perhaps a few plan option. Once a floor plan is settled on, exterior views can be created.

Phase 2- Design Development (DD)

With the floor plan and exterior proportions decided upon, refining the features of the project is the main task. Attention is given to details such as trim work, railings, brackets, decks, window groupings, ceiling features, etc. to give your project the specific look and character you had hoped for.

Phase 3: Construction Documents (CD)

Upon final design approval, the necessary plumbing, mechanical, electrical, communications, structural and architectural information is consolidated into a set of drawings and specifications. This gives the general contractor and subcontractors all the information necessary not only to build your project, but also to give you accurate construction costs.

Phase 4: Bid Documents (BD)

Now its time to see exactly how much your project is going to cost. In many cases after all this work, construction costs can exceed your budget. This is where detailed bidding instructions come in handy. Steve will help you navigate through these waters and provide various bid options that will lower the total cost and still allow you to get the features and function you want. This is accomplished through various bid packages and design options.

Phase 5: Construction Administration (CA)

With a general contractor secured, construction begins. Even after all this preparation to get to this point, unforeseen situations arise along with anticipated changes to the plans or some aspect of design once you are able to experience the rooms as they are being constructed. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other issues might cause the floor plan to be modified and the designer is best suited to handle these situations.


In conclusion, Get the design and plan services you need and deserve. You can not afford to neglect investment in this initial critical stage of your project. As mentioned, Weigel Designs has developed a few service packages especially for remodeling and renovation projects based upon your input and involvement. Many small projects can be successful with just the schematic and design development phases. With a few notes, dimensions and details on the plans you can take it from there getting your own bids and overseeing construction. Having a qualified contractor on board early helps in this streamlined approach. Steve is happy to work with you and your trusted contractor in the initial stages of planning and budgeting.

When it comes to new construction documents, this phase can be streamlined as well. Many residential projects do not require plumbing, mechanical, electrical or even structural plans. Sub-contractors and suppliers can furnish these drawings. However, it is usually a good idea to have these items reviewed by Steve to make sure it complies with the plan.

Every successful project starts with a well thought out plan. Contact Weigel Designs today!

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