What is Your Plan?

We have all heard the old saying “the devil is in the details” and as Frank Lloyd Wright put it into context,

“You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site”

Plainly spoken, Mr. Wright highlights the purpose of the design process instead of hastily constructed ideas to be demolished in the near future because it still does not meet the need. It all begins with a plan.

WHAT IS YOUR PLAN … Build New or Stay Put?


There are a host of factors that often go into the decision to stay or build new. Have you simply outgrown your current location? Or are you downsizing and want a unique place? Do city ordinances and building codes limit you from making necessary improvements to your home, building or property? Are you searching for a place that is uniquely suited to your needs and style but can not find it? Perhaps you find the perfect place but it is not in your target price range? Is the market telling you it’s time to do something? If the answer to these type questions is YES, you might be a prime candidate for a new construction project.


Your project may need improvements ranging from simple restoration to perhaps a little more extensive renovation or, if you need to completely rearrange or enlarge spaces, end up remodeling. After verifying with your local building official you may require an addition to meet your needs.


Restoration simply defined, is returning a house or building to its original look.
For a house, this could be as easy as removing the carpet over the original wood floors and refinishing.  Or restoration can be as complex as taking an historic stone or brick building back to its original glory by cleaning the surfaces, repairing mortar joints and replacing structural elements that pose safety issues.

Renovation is similar to restoration of an old house or building. However the focus is to bring the components up to present day technologies, materials, colors and styles. This type project normally leaves living spaces sizes as is with door and window placements remaining unchanged.

Remodeling is typically a more involved project requiring removal of existing finishes, removing walls to create larger living space as well as relocating doors, windows and other architectural openings. In many instance structural modifications are necessary, adding beams, posts and foundation supports where old walls used to be.

Although these categories of project types are straight forward, many improvements are somewhat a combination of the three. When more space is needed, a strategic addition is in order.

ADDITIONS Adding a room to an existing structure can be simple or somewhat complex and that is when you need the expertise Steve provides to make your addition blend perfectly into the original plan. Allow Steve to assess your needs in this regard. His creative solutions possibly might be something entirely different than what you were thinking and work even better.

You need a plan to effectively communicate your ideas to your local building official and the several contractors and vendors wanting to build for you. Contractors need a good set of plans to give you accurate pricing and build with confidence and efficiently all the design features presented to them in the set of plans Weigel Designs provides. Once you’ve selected a general contractors it is good to know that your project will be built exactly as you envisioned it because of the details in a good set of plans. Contact Weigel Designs today!

Weigel Designs
for all your planning needs. Steve will give you a good design and …
“Always a Good Plan”